The Gothic paintings kept in rooms adjacent to the cloister and to the church were discovered in 1954. Made in the 18th century, they decorated the underscore and the anterior part of the choir. Later they were covered with a layer of lime and paint. In 1961 they were removed and fixed on canvas, and from 1963 they are exposed to the public. The fragments that are preserved, of different sizes and proportions, are part of a set where a Christ pantocrator was represented in the centre flanked to the right and left by scenes of the lives of Jesus Christ and Saint Augustine. Some fragments are damaged, but the set is important for its own merit and because the mural compositions of this time are scarce. It is supposed that they were made during the time of prior Bernat Serra (1312-1323), by the coat of arms with a mountain range reproduced in the frieze, or in the days of Ponç Sasserra (1349-1370), for the stylistic examination of the paintings.